"What Is Next???????" By Helene Goldnadel of International Creative Artists

Helene Goldnadel the owner of International Creative Artists, the licensed acting institution, talks to the students, faculty and administration about the role which all of us have making the world a better place and keeping the planet alive. Helene Goldnadel starts with a reminder.

"I would like to take the liberty on this day of graduation to remind all of you of our responsibilities. Our responsibilities are towards other human beings and towards animals.

Take Katrina for example: What kept "take charge" people from ordering three/four choppers with food, water and medicine to be sent to New Orleans and Mississippi the first day? It was the fact that we do not have responsible people in charge!

Just a bunch of appointed and elected officials like FEMA and the Bush administration who had the means and the power and sat on their butt and did nothing!

Our faithful companions also, should not be left behind in times of crisis. I urge you all to log into www.hsus.com and lobby so disasters such as Katrina would never again signify for our loving pets to be left behind.

Our climate is changing; the polar bears will soon be gone. Not our problem? Look at all of us here today, sitting next to our children. Besides, it is no longer our grand children's or children's problem; it is ours at this point, now, right now.

If we do not take action now, the Green House effect will be such that we will not be able to reverse the damage. Or are we not anymore already?

I urge you to lobby in any and all directions possible to urge our government to invest in cell fuel power and solar energy.

And I mean now, before it's too late.

Thank you for your time."

You can reach Helene Goldnadel at International Creative Artists at 949 250-9888. Also, www.internationalcreativeartits.com

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